Free Pattern: Rock Candy Fingerless Gloves


Rock Candy Fingerless Gloves

This is a really simple but versatile pattern, with each glove knitting up quickly. They’re the perfect quick gift, so easy to customize and stretchy enough to fit a wide range of sizes. I knit a pair up in three days for a friend’s birthday, and to complement her trendy style  these are embellished with some really cool sew-on gems. I love how the slightly fuzzy, marled wool contrasts against the edgy stones for a homespun-meets-glam look.

US 6 DPNs (set of 4)

Guage: 5 sts per inch (across), 7 sts per inch per row (up)

1 Skein Lana Grossa Cinque 153 yards, aran weight, color 035

I’ve had this yarn sitting in my stash for about two years now. I always make sure to save the yarn label so I know for sure what it is, how much is there, etc., but in the process of re-organizing the label got lost. For your convenience and my sanity, I searched the internet, and a search for Lana Grossa marled gray wool turned into a half hour internet hunt, with me scanning pictures trying to find something twisted and multicolored with a name that looked vaguely familiar. I ended on the first place I should’ve looked- Ravelry- and the name finally clicked: Cinque, in color 035. From what I gleaned it’s discontinued, but any aran-weight yarn should do for this simple and stretchy design.

One size fits all (6″ wrist circumference, 9″ at widest part of palm at base of thumb, 8.25″ tall wrist to fingers)


CO 36 sts, distributing as evenly as possible on 3 DPNs. join in round. Work in K2, P2 rib for 5.5″.

 Thumb Hole

Turn and knit back to separate round, working back-and-forth, work in patt until piece measures 7″ from edge.

This might seem a little disorienting at first if you’re not used to “mirror knitting”, but just hang in there–instead of flipping the work over at the end of the row, just keep going. You had a tube in the round, and now you’re making a flat piece. Don’t freak out! soon it will all be circular again, with a tidy little thumbhole in the side.

Finger Portion

Rejoin in round and continue working in patt until piece measures 8.25″ from start. BO. Weave in ends. Repeat for second glove.


Sew on gems with regular sewing needle and matching thread.

My favorite things about these gloves are 1: no shaping! while it’s fun and challenging to shape something to fit the rather awkwardly shaped human hand, Rock Candy knits up fast as and fresh with nary a decrease or increase. 2: both right and left are made exactly the same! which one goes on the left and which one goes on the right is completely determined through the accessorizing phase.

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