Chevron Coffee Cup Cozy (free pattern)


As promised, here’s the pattern for a chevron-printed coffee cup cozy, or sleeve. Small and quick to knit, it’s the perfect first fair isle project, with only two colors and no floats longer than 3 stitches. Stash one in your purse to use at the coffee shop instead of those wasteful paper sleeves, or slip onto your morning travel mug for a soft, pretty grip.


The yarn is used is Knit Picks Palette in Cream (MC) and Sagebrush (CC) but I wish I’d used more contrasting colors for the purpose of photography for this site. If you have a large stash of fingering-weight wool, using many different colors would make a lovely Missoni-style pattern.

Yes, you probably don’t need one. But you know you want one. It will only take approximately 1 movie and 20 minutes of the news to finish. If you watch Lord of the Rings, you could probably make two.

Download the pattern here: Chevron Coffee Cup Cozy patt

2 thoughts on “Chevron Coffee Cup Cozy (free pattern)

  1. June says:

    What a sweet little pattern and I think the colors you chose are perfect. I might not have been attracted to it if the colors were bolder. Thank you for offering it free. I have several co-workers who could use one.

    • Katherine says:

      You’re welcome! I love offering free patterns. It’s a very quick, simple knit, I finished it with only one evening of TV and a cup of coffee the next morning. I’m working on a Valentine’s Day variation, so stay posted!

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