Erebor Gloves (free pattern)


IMG_9941It’s here. The movie I’ve been waiting all year for…The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug opens tonight at midnight. My generation’s first-run-in-the-theater Lord of the Rings experience (I was in ye grade school when the original epic trilogy ran.) Not that I bitterly wish I was born a few years older. *Sniffle.* Anyways the good news is Smaug has everything (and everyone) I love in it– epic (there’s that word again, I apologize) adventure, Gandalf, Legolas (Orlando! we welcome you back wholeheartedly even though you’re technically not supposed to be here!) and the very best part is going to be Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch together in an (one more time) EPIC game of wits.

I can barely contain myself, if you haven’t noticed. Nobody said fangirls were subtle.


ANYWAYS, back to the knits. Lord of the Rings always wildly inspires me to knit. There’s something about the intricate symbols and knots that evoke cables, and the cold, epic snowcapped mountain landscape that’s so lovely but COLD looking. Rich colors and fabrics, soft velvets and hard metals, harsh iron and worn wool, English and Norse and medieval and yet otherworldly all at the same time.


These gloves are knit in a lush hand painted wool (Malabrigo Arroyo) that evokes a rippling valley beneath a mountain (the Lonely Mountain, of course.) The jewel tones also call to mind, well, jewels, and the treasure buried in Smaug’s lair. The colors also fit in with the Shire, and the soft grass and brilliant flowers growing in Bag End’s landscape. The cables are strong yet intricate, reminiscent of the style of the wood elves.



The gloves are knit in the round on double-pointed needles and though they are not difficult, they do require a bit of patience. Once you find a rhythm, the rows go by fast and the shaping adds a fun, interesting break to the repetitive pattern. One skein will make 2 pairs of gloves (good thing, since it isn’t a bargain yarn at $20 per skein, but the rich, luxe yarn is 100% worth it.)If you decide not to take the plunge and spend that much to make 2 pairs of identical gloves, 200 yards of a matching gauge yarn would be more than enough. I’m currently working on a matching headband for the Erebor Gloves to use up the other half skein…stay posted!

Update 12/13/13 10:50 pm: The cable chart is now a PDF for easy downloads. Apologies to everyone who had trouble with the downloads previously.

Update 1/4/2014 2:57 pm: The cable chart now includes an updated symbol key for easier use. Apologizes to anyone who was inconvenienced by the previous chart.

Update 1/11/2014 11:46 am: Thanks to everyone on Ravelry for making this pattern a success– 300+ “Likes” and 120+ projects queued!

1 skein Malabrigo Arroyo

100% pure superwash wool

335 yds, color 866 Arco Iris

US size 5 set of 4 DPNs; Cable needle

One size

Download chart here: Erebor Cable Chart and Key

Gauge: 6 sts and 9 rows= 1″ in stockinette st.


Co 52 sts; join in round. Mark beginning of round. Work 6 rounds in k1, p1 rib.

Next: K11, pm, work row 1 of forearm chart, pm, work to end. Complete forearm chart, knitting all sts in between.


Work hand/thumb chart, knitting all sts in between. When finished with thumb chart, place those 13 sts on holder; rejoin in round and continue to end of hand chart. Work 6 rounds in k1, p1 rib; BO in patt.


Reattach yarn to thumb base. Pick up and knit sts from holder; pick up and knit 5 sts from gap between hand and thumb hole. Join in the round and knit until thumb measures 1” from the inside edge ( the base of where you picked up the 5 sts). Work 3 rounds in k1, p1 rib; BO in patt.


Weave in ends. Use a tapestry needle to sew up any gap in thumb base. Block.

Free Pattern: Rock Candy Fingerless Gloves


Rock Candy Fingerless Gloves

This is a really simple but versatile pattern, with each glove knitting up quickly. They’re the perfect quick gift, so easy to customize and stretchy enough to fit a wide range of sizes. I knit a pair up in three days for a friend’s birthday, and to complement her trendy style  these are embellished with some really cool sew-on gems. I love how the slightly fuzzy, marled wool contrasts against the edgy stones for a homespun-meets-glam look.

US 6 DPNs (set of 4)

Guage: 5 sts per inch (across), 7 sts per inch per row (up)

1 Skein Lana Grossa Cinque 153 yards, aran weight, color 035

I’ve had this yarn sitting in my stash for about two years now. I always make sure to save the yarn label so I know for sure what it is, how much is there, etc., but in the process of re-organizing the label got lost. For your convenience and my sanity, I searched the internet, and a search for Lana Grossa marled gray wool turned into a half hour internet hunt, with me scanning pictures trying to find something twisted and multicolored with a name that looked vaguely familiar. I ended on the first place I should’ve looked- Ravelry- and the name finally clicked: Cinque, in color 035. From what I gleaned it’s discontinued, but any aran-weight yarn should do for this simple and stretchy design.

One size fits all (6″ wrist circumference, 9″ at widest part of palm at base of thumb, 8.25″ tall wrist to fingers)


CO 36 sts, distributing as evenly as possible on 3 DPNs. join in round. Work in K2, P2 rib for 5.5″.

 Thumb Hole

Turn and knit back to separate round, working back-and-forth, work in patt until piece measures 7″ from edge.

This might seem a little disorienting at first if you’re not used to “mirror knitting”, but just hang in there–instead of flipping the work over at the end of the row, just keep going. You had a tube in the round, and now you’re making a flat piece. Don’t freak out! soon it will all be circular again, with a tidy little thumbhole in the side.

Finger Portion

Rejoin in round and continue working in patt until piece measures 8.25″ from start. BO. Weave in ends. Repeat for second glove.


Sew on gems with regular sewing needle and matching thread.

My favorite things about these gloves are 1: no shaping! while it’s fun and challenging to shape something to fit the rather awkwardly shaped human hand, Rock Candy knits up fast as and fresh with nary a decrease or increase. 2: both right and left are made exactly the same! which one goes on the left and which one goes on the right is completely determined through the accessorizing phase.